«The past few years Norway has produced some iconic musicians, ranging from Sigrid all the way to AURORA and I wouldn’t be surprised if Maud finds her name with them in the future. She’s a gem in the Norwegian underground scene.» – A1234

«There is nothing that soothes our souls quite like the chiming synths and nostalgia-driven tunes of Maud’s experimental soundscape.» – WONDERLAND

«Looking in another direction, Norway’s Maud came up with a sparkling and emotive set at Vaba Lava that blended contemporary r&b, rap and pop like a slush puppy. A small, demure presence, she managed to hold an audience through some glorious hook-laden pop and the sort of «you can tell me» confidences you’d expect from your best mate.» – The Quietus

«…the trancelike hyperpop of Maud». – Clash Magazine

«Moving over a sea of consciousness, prepping for battle with deep synths and lightning-fast lyrics, this is Northern Norway’s Maud’s electronic tempest.» – Chalkpit

«Slowly becoming a staple on the Norwegian festival scene and starting to make her way onto UK stages, Maud is making waves in all the right places with just two releases.» – What The Funk

«Maud has made a name for herself as a purveyor of a distinctly eerie, electronic sound often paired with a biting lyric and distorted vocals, transporting the listener to a surreal, futuristic world.» – Unrecorded